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Swimming is a life skill that saves lives. Your donations will go toward funding swim lessons for children and adults in Atlanta, as well as scholarships for lifeguard certifications for high school students.

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The deadline for the Bryce Brooks Hero Scholarship is May 15, 2024

Welcome to the Bryce Brooks Foundation, where we are dedicated to transforming lives through the power of swimming and water safety. Inspired by the unwavering spirit of our hero, Bryce Brooks, we passionately strive to provide free swim lessons to Atlanta's children & adults.


In a world where water poses both marvels and risks, we believe that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the chance to learn essential swimming skills and gain confidence in the water. By breaking down financial barriers, we ensure that no child or adult is left behind, empowering them to navigate the waters with grace and safety.

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The Bryce Brooks Foundation is dedicated to fostering water safety and drowning prevention. Our mission is to provide free swimming lessons for adults and children and empower teens through scholarships for lifeguard certification. By equipping individuals with essential water skills and knowledge, we strive to create a community where everyone can safely enjoy aquatic environments. Through education, outreach, and access to training resources, we aim to reduce the occurrence of drowning incidents and empower individuals to become confident and responsible swimmers. Together, we believe in building a future where water-related activities are enjoyable, inclusive, and safe for all.

Your involvement with the Bryce Brooks Foundation is pivotal in making a lasting difference. Together, we can honor Bryce's memory by providing life-saving skills to those who need it most. Your support enables us to reach more individuals, expand our programs, and create a community where everyone can thrive in the water.


Join us as we champion the importance of water safety and empower individuals to conquer their fears. Together, we can create a legacy of love, courage, and resilience that will resonate for generations to come. Your unwavering support will help us forge a safer, more confident tomorrow for Atlanta's youth and beyond.

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